Ilona Hein
Frank LimbergDirector
Lina MartinkevicieneOperations / Sales Office Kiel

Transferring and cargo securing

CIS-Cargo isn’t just a forwarding agent; it’s also a terminal company with its own transfer teams..

We have our own terminal as well as direct agreements with all terminals of the harbour in Klaipeda. In our own terminal, we are also able to load and unload ships with a draft of up to 8.50 m. Corresponding transfer technology allows us to tranship your product into the rail freight cars quickly and safely. We observe very stringent security standards during the transportation process, and this is why we pay the greatest level of attention to the safety of your product. We are professionals in the handling of dispatches where the loading gauge is exceeded, and heavy load dispatches. We are educated in such matters: we possess the corresponding licences and engineering personnel. We perform the physical strength calculations and the related drawings on our own in Mukran and in Klaipeda. No car leaves our terminal before it has undergone a technical inspection by the Lithuanian Railway Network.

Loading security is traditionally performed with the use of tie wire and wood. For a number of years, in agreement with the participating railways, we have also used steel ropes; in special cases we have also used webbing. We will disguise windows, seal sensitive parts and dismantle parts or entire machines at the client’s request. We will also of course willingly provide you with photos before and after the transhipment.