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Social responsibility

We assume social responsibility by supporting children and youth organizations near our local business units on the island of Rugen and in Klaipeda. We believe that a private sponsorship is especially significant in those areas where public effort fails to reach out. It is for this reason that we give a special attention to the support of the Dresden Association for the Blind Society

  • We are proud of the football team of the Klaipeda Sports School supported by us which won the second place at the European tournament “Youth playing for Europe”
  • The Rain of Smiles (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

“The Rain of Smiles” is a socio-cultural project intended for sick children in Lithuania, their families and kin, for whom hospital is a second home at present. We seek to help overcome their longing for home and friends, anxiety and pain, and return to a carefree childhood forgetting illness?

  • The gold shines for the junior team of the Klaipeda Football School supported by us

Homage was paid to junior team of the Klaipeda Football School at the Klaipeda Athletes Home who won the youth championship of the Lithuanian Premier League. It is true, the champions will not have much time for relaxation – the football finals of the Lithuanian Youth championship will take place in Kaunas on 23-25 September. For more go HERE.

  • The Disabled Athletes Sports Association tournament took place in Jurbarkas with our support. Athletes and participants were doing their best – so there were no losers on that day!