Ilona Hein
Frank LimbergDirector
Lina MartinkevicieneOperations / Sales Office Kiel

Sea transport

Sea transport plays a decisive role in the CIS-Cargo Group. We deliver shipments to the import ports in the Baltic States and Russia by rail. To achieve this we use existing "roll-on / roll-off connections" from Germany and Scandinavia, as well as feeder services, with container traffic. 

We favour the roll-on / roll-off lines from Kiel and Karlshamn to Klaipeda. To make it all happen we apply our outstanding know-how of the existing harbours and shipowners, all from our own offices. Our years of co-operation have enabled us, and continue to enable us, to respond quickly and efficiently up until the point of the charter of a ship. Your cargo can be transported onto the ferries by rolling it there, and it can also be located on Mafi trailers in all current sizes and workloads.

With our feeder services, we are able to accept your containers whatever class they are. We can ship containers further, or repack, store or unload them. Together with our partners we are able to provide you with appropriate containers for the dispatching of your goods throughout the world in a short period.