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Why CIS-Cargo?

For us there are no limits

Europe. More than 700 million people. International thinking and trading. For us, the term International Cargo means transportation on land, sea and rail, over all borders. You can make use of individual modules or a combination of them in your job. CIS-Cargo makes cross-border goods transportation from Paris to Vladivostok easy. For only on-site experts know exactly what they are talking about. Experts like CIS-Cargo, in Mukran, Klaipeda, Kiel and Moscow. We know how to be at home on site, how to speak a given language including knowledge of what lies between the lines, how to acquaint ourselves with partners, how to dominate niches. These are the success factors of Logistics People.

Dialogue is the basis for development

Write to us, if you believe that something on our side is missing; if you want more information; or if you have any new suggestions regarding our Internet presence. We look forward to reading it. Help us to develop a bit more every day and to learn something from it; where we will listen to you.

At home anywhere

With us, no foreign language is a barrier, and we always believe that we will find a way; you will see the reasons why when you have a look at our organisation. We move tables and chairs around in places where people should be talking to each other and create a platform that allows for exchanges. Everyone wants to be everywhere, and that includes us. With this we think and act according to the principle that service should always be personal; and this means being up close with people on site. We achieve this with the help of good partners who, with their expert knowledge and heart, are at home wherever our client is at home.


The Centre of CIS-Cargo is here. From here we coordinate your goods flows from all over Europe into the CIS and the Baltic States, or will distribute your goods arriving from the CIS and the Baltic States throughout Europe.

Sometimes what we do is like Mission Impossible

For this reason, we have the right specialists for each job. After all, projects are always something special. With us, almost anything is possible. From the transportation of a complete system through tundra up to a turnkey solarium in the far North. From light items up to the point where big guys are required. Projects can be fit into any pattern. When you come to us to help you with your "Mission Impossible", you will experience which "special effects" we musrter for you.

Being good is about learning from the market

We pay much attention and take time to understand, analyse, discuss, and design. You put your trust in us, and we thank you for that (references).

Ideas were always our strength

Strategies, planning, concepts, organisation. These are decisive steps in the logistics direction that a company takes. They have a lasting impact on its success; this includes image and customer satisfaction. And CIS-Cargo is indeed not without its knowledge. You can request advice at various levels, from the overview of your entire supply chain up to site analysis and purpose. With us you can analyse sub-regions, from procurement to internal production logistics up to distribution. Or you can discuss your transportation concept with us – in a region, a country or throughout Europe. Your advantage is the practitioner sitting opposite you. You advantage can be – but it doesn’t have to be – one of receiving advice separate from the actual implementation. However, you can also enjoy a wide logistical organisation in Europe together with global services.

Freight forwarders? These are the types with the trucks and the Trucker Feeling!

We do not let this cliché define us. Our transportation division is intelligent high-performance management paired with an inexhaustible wealth of experience. And we have enough of that! Whether it’s on the road, at sea or on rails. Whether it’s all to do with individual modules or everything is combined with everything else. We do not own any trucks, nor do we have any ships or railway wagons, but we have access to the things we need and the means for putting it all together at the right place and at the right time. 

Business comes from reputation

And there’s no reputation without passion. That is why we are also always travelling to the next adventurous station with a private case full of documents and incentives. Documents and incentives which keep the wheel turning.


Logistics experts

Railways Waterways Land routes

Seeking to provide our customers with the best possible services, we arrange carriage of goods by both land and water; we take care of wagon hire and storage space lease, as well as all relevant paperwork

All projects 

4 European offices
1 terminal

30 members of staff ready to assist you

CIS – Cargo is a team consisting of experts who love their job and boasting of a long-time experience in the field of freight carriage both by land and water.

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